current community project:

P.L.A.N.T.-  plant life and nurture transformation

collaboration with Tori Martin inspired by jackie sumell's

Social Justice Seed Packet Curriculum

  projects with incarcerated youth

​                                                    Spring 2019

                                                                                              Spring 2020

                                                                                                A SOCIALLY
                                                                                            ENGAGED WORK             
    SUMMER AND FALL 2019                                          THAT BRINGS COLLEGE   
         MURAL CREW                                               STUDENTS TOGETHER WITH                
                     AT                                                                  DETAINED YOUTH                 
    ​​ST. JOHNS YOUTH ACADEMY                                              
  • JOB SKILLS     
  • A REAL WAGE   

RECENT AND upcoming:

      Crisp-ellert art museum                                            ALEXANDER BREST GALLERY                                  Flagler college                                                      JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY                                  The Nameless Now                                                                   WHat a man, what a man

                 NE Florida artists                                                            Leslie robison and jason schwab   September- October 2020                                                March 2021

Leslie Robison is interested in breaking down the language, symbols, and actions that define power in various relationships and within such institutions as art, politics, and academia.  Mixed media drawing and performance become the means of investigating these structures.  Whether they be drawn or knitted, scribbled or written as words, the lines in these drawings, paintings, and installations confound direct communication even as they reference the traditional language of art.  By also examining her participation in these systems, the artist is simultaneously critical, questioning, and self-mocking.

Leslie Robison performance art